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For several years a professional partner for the plant and flower industry. In particular for the development of packaging that create added value for the chain.

We work in partnership with our customers to ensure that they can differentiate themselves in the market.

To this end, in addition to product knowledge, market knowledge we also pride ourselves in innovation, flexibility and reliability concepts.

Our customers are nurseries, retailers, breeding and propagation companies

We look forward to receiving your enquiries.

Identity Makers    -    Bespoke design

Our team at JBB Pack BV have years of experience in the packaging market.

We have national and international knowledge gained through close contacts with growers, exporters, retail and wholesale.

We use professional manufacturers who understand our customers expectations and achieve high quality results.

We know that the final product must represent your business in the right way and the product must have the right look.

Using inspiration from the world of fashion and very much trends aware.

We also use new techniques to achieve the desired look for your product.

JBB Pack bv

- Distinctive

- Creative

- Professional

- More than 100 years of experience

- Innovative

- Inspiring

- Market Knowledge

- Global

- Controlling your  stock



stock items

- Wrapping film (closed

- Wrapping film (holes)

- Wrapping film for the machine

- Extensions for plant trolley

- Plant trolley / flower trolley

- Sticks for information carriers

- Plant sleeves

- Tape

- (Anti) frost packing

- Glitter and glue (Christmas season)

- Tubular bags with closed bottom


In addition to our standard, we offer many other products. Possibly custom made.

- glassware

- blisters

- Cardboard packaging

- Flower / plantpackaging of fabric and   film combination. or paper and foil   combination.

- Pot covers of foil / paper

- Ceramics

Custom made

Plants and flower sleeves or
Labels or pot covers

- With the right image of your company

- For the right audience

- With the right information

- Labels fitted to a clip or stick

- Plant sleeves possible with machine   specs

- According to the latest trend

- Attractively priced.


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